M.F. is a technical writer (and novelist) by day and chronic doodler by night. She thinks said doodles are okay enough to justify placement on the web. If you agree, you can follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, or through RSS. If you don’t, use the contact form below and she’ll get back to you. Unless you ask one of the questions below. Those are already answered.

When are new doodles posted?

Generally once per week, but who knows? You can’t schedule creativity, man.

Does the author really hate children?


So, how many cats does she have?

Just two, thank you very much.

Does she take commissions? 

If you ask nicely and aren’t looking for furry porn.

Prices (digital):

B&W: $25/figure

Color: $35/figure

There may be an upcharge for elaborate backgrounds at the artist’s discretion.

By submitting comments, you agree that the author can do whatever she wants with them.

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